30 October  2017

Our Banner of the Week features South African cricketer David Miller, who literally smashed the record for the fastest T20 International century, reaching the 100 mark in just 35 balls. He supplants fellow countryman Richard Levi who took 45 balls to reach the century mark in 2012. The third player on the list is Faf Du Plessis, also a South African.
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Apple made much of the face recognition feature of its upcoming iPhone X (see below) that can be yours for a mere $1 000 (more or less). The thing is, Doogee offers that capability in in the Mix 2,  a very presentable handset that could be had for a fifth of the price.  That's right, for some $200, your phone will recognize your mug, offer you two front-facing cameras (one of them a 130 degree wide-angle affair) as well as a pair of rears, a decent 4060 Mah battery and 6GB of RAM for the most ardent multi-taskers out there.

Manufacturers have to resort to ever more resourceful additional doodads when launching new models in order to convince the faithful that an upgrade is called for. This is particularly so when said upgrade ventures close to - or north of the $1 000 mark. Case in point is the iPhone X, which has copped a fair bit of criticism for "The Notch". The screen cut-out definitely intrudes on viewing pleasure, according to many pundits, and turns a large screen affair by the numbers into something a tad less so in real life. This commentator admits that he was a regular updater without so much as a  second thought up till now, but now, when faced with the decision as to whether to replace the 6S Plus with the X, the choice is not so automatic anymore.
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Most everyone has felt that knot in the stomach just after hitting the "send" button when you realize that your confidential / salacious / inappropriate message went out to the wrong recipient or did not correctly convey your feeling (euphemism alert). Whatsapp now offers you the opportunity to wriggle from under the heavy pile of embarrassment, by "unsending" said erroneously-sent missive. You have to be sharp(ish) at it, though, for after seven minutes your messages become engraved in granite, as it were. The new feature will roll out gradually, so best make sure that it's reached you before becoming careless on the keyboard.
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In a previous issue we touched upon the fact that Tesla had offered to jump in and assist hurricane-struck Puerto Rico in getting electricity supply up and running as soon as possible. Other than cumbersome traditional grid repair work, Tesla can install its solar power units and battery banks in a relatively short space of time. Front man Elon Musk is not all bla and no bang, either. He's the quintessential doer. The children's hospital in Puerto Rico is already up and running again. The most notable part of all this is that he's doing it for free whilst the emergency is still in place, with contract negotiations starting once the crisis is over. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the politically-driven solution is already mired in major controversy, with a $300 million contract having been awarded to a company with two employees and government links.
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Drones, as we've said before, aren't just available as the flying variety. Some are very much ground-bound and some bobble along on the waves. A fleet of unmanned boats is criss-crossing the world's oceans, collecting climate change data and even keeping a sharp electronic eye out for smugglers. The Saildrones are very visible in their dayglo orange make-up, and with solar power and all, they are pretty much autonomous.
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We've  had a consecutive run of two canine Wallies of the Week, although to be fair, in both instances they were exceedingly lovable pooches. In the interests of even more fairness, we will proudly nominate another furry friend as our Winner of the Week. To be more precise, a furry friend and his handler. Deril, the Belgian Shepherd and handler Lusy Imbergerova performed an incredible routine at the Crufts dog trials, and this one definitely warrants the few minutes spent watching it. Watch him perform CPR on his handler when near tragedy strikes.
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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
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