21 May  2018

We may rightfully be accused of  being on a bit of a OnePlus bender, but the newcomer has generated quite a lot of interest, that much is certain. OnePlus has forged a reputation as a company that  has dropped a series of flagship killers into the market, and the company does all it can to maintain and expand upon that reputation. The OnePlus 6 is by a long stretch their most appealing release thus far, and initial reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. We've reported on the run-up to release and the first impressions, and here we have the first review of the new model, including a look at its gesture controls.  Some brisk business is being done, apparently.
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As we've stated before, not everyone wants - or indeed needs a top-of-the range smartphone that can mow the lawn, get the kids to bed on time and make toasted cheese sandwiches. In fact, today's mid-range and even entry level models offer such features as we could only dream of a few years ago, and tremendous bang for the buck, too. The midrange playground is pretty busy, of course, with a lot of manufacturers lobbing offerings into the fray. Motorola has chosen to confuse the issue even further with the G6 Play phablet. The 5.7 incher has a  shiny plastic back, which hearkens back to the days of yore, and plenty of solid features to make for a pleasant user experience.  They'll have to punt it hard, though, for, as we say, the marketplace is pretty busy in this segment.
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Do you remember The Dress? The one that some people saw as gold and white and others saw as black and blue? Furious arguments erupted over it, opposition camps were set up, marriages fell into jeopardy, wills were changed, and still the debates raged on. Now humanity has another brainteaser to exercise its collective human mind, this time of an aural variety. It concerns a short audio clip which some people hear as "Laurel", and others hear as "Yanny." The same clip. Already the worldwide debates have started, and showing no signs of abating. Peace negotiations in the Middle East have nothing on this.
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Technological development continues apace, and imaging - and creative technology that once resorted solely in the domain of very wealthy producers, now is very much within reach for consumers. This has led to an explosion of creativity, from never-ending YouTube video feeds to bedroom-produced albums to stunning visual creations that only the top studios could venture into only a few years ago. The availability of 360 degree cameras bring us immersive experiences like never before, but wait, there is more ... If you order right away .... (sorry, wrong text).  How would it be if the animators starting presenting us with 360 degree visual experiences. The possibilities would be endless. We could, for instance, go for a stroll in the village that features in Vincent van Gogh's masterful "Starry Night" and look around, experiencing the same magic the artist did that magical night many years ago. The talented creators at Motion Magic in Shanghai let their imaginations roam, and presented us with exactly that experience. It is a spine-tingling short film. We're sure the artist would have approved.
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We remain at the confluence of technology and art for a moment.  Digital technology enables us to enjoy art like never before. Tokyo's immersive art museum  has developed this to the nth degree, with visitors literally walking into the artworks. You can almost say you're part of the art. And we made it rhyme, so there. 
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We all like a story where an underdog  turns the odds upside down and shows  some more fancied rivals the way home. If that is indeed your thing, there would be plenty to enjoy in this video of a priest on a  fold-up bike taking on - and thrashing some professional cyclists on a steep and winding road in Italy, cassock, hat and all.  The footage was shot in San Marino and was definitely set up, for the "priest" slips  up now and then and reveals some cycling gear underneath, but still, there are some impressive cycling skills on display. True or not, this is our Winner of the Week clip without a doubt.
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